About Utsunomiya Industry

Utsunomiya Industry provides service and support for wastewater / sewage treatment.
We took part in construction as a technical internship and learned the design,
construction and maintenance technology of water treatment at our parent company called Utsunomiya Industry in Japan.
With this experience, we contribute to improvement of water environment in home country Vietnam.

Mainly focuses on equipment construction and repair of water treatment facilities.
There are many facilities such as pumps and sand ponds, but if it is related to water treatment, we can handle it.
For design, production, maintenance, improvement proposal, etc. of wastewater / sewage treatment plants, please feel free to contact us.
These processing facilities make it possible to return domestic wastewater and rainwater drainage to rivers and ocean without polluting the environment.

And contribute to the future of the earth.

Construction results

Pump (rainwater drainage, industry),Grit chamber,Settling basin machinery equipment,Disinfection facility,Filtration equipment,Dust removal equipment,Water gate facility,Plumbing

Approach to SDGs

Representative at company in Vietnam


Our company have had over 60 years experience in Tokyo.
Utsunomiya Industry Co., Ltd. is our parent company. UTSUNOMIYA INDUSTRY VIETNAM has headoffice and a factory in Ho Chi Minh City.
We will make water treatment facility use longer and more efficient with construction technology and know-how on water treatment plant gained in Japan.
Then contribute to the improvement of the water environment and lifeline in order to have citizens live with peace of mind.